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Entry #1


2013-04-02 04:15:42 by JordyGamester

Hello Everybody. Im JordyGamester and i am actually trying to find some cool games to play so if you have any ideas then message me or contact me and it may go onto youtube.


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2013-04-04 16:14:55

here on newgrounds,i like effin worm 2

JordyGamester responds:

Thank you I will check it out.


2013-04-07 04:35:12

I would like to thank giobot123456789 for showing me the game Effin Worms 2. I would like to show him two of my favourite games.
1.Toss the turtle
2.A Small Talk

Thanks Again, giobot123456789!


2013-04-07 08:53:30

np,all ways here 2 help.